10 Perform easy and simple Sexy makeup using this simple method

Almost every women or girls want to look at their best which lead them to do some sexy makeup that can make their appearance look more gorgeous and also hot. However, having a sexy and gorgeous makeup is not easy.

Sexy makeup

There are many kinds of training and also technique that we need to know before we can apply it perfectly. However, even though the majority of the technique is not easy and require capable hands, it does not mean that all of them are difficult because in some make up technique we can combine some simple technique to give you the best result like what we will going to do next.

Easy Sexy Makeup tutorial
The first sexy makeup tutorial that you can do alone in your own home is the sexy cat eyes make up. Just as the name implies, this makeup will give you a beautiful and sexy cat eyes design.

First of all you need to draw some lines in the upper part of the eyelid and then draw it to move from your eyes to give some straight line. Do the same with the lower eyelid and make sure that your eyes looks like having an additional line extension. Color it black with eye pencil and voila you got yourself a more sexy eyes makeup that will make yourself feel more gorgeous an confident.

The second sexy makeup tutorial that we will give you is a bit trickier but it does not feel as difficult as it seems. The name of this makeup tutorial is the tropical tear liner.

To apply this makeup, you need to give some color accent to the upper side of your upper eyelid. Use a cream color for the best results. After you do that you need a blue pencil eye to give a straight line for your lower eyelid. Do this carefully and your eyes will give you a mystical sexy makeup design that will give you more confidence.

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