1960’s Fancy Dress Costumes – A Look at 3 Different 60’s Outfit Suggestions For You to Consider

The sixties was a decade famous for its new fashions and groovy styles, so perhaps it is not surprising why it has been the inspiration for so many different types of fancy dress outfits.

1960’s fancy dress costumes are a mainstay at costume parties and even nightclubs up and down the country, with popular costumes including the Go Go dancer outfit, the psychedelic costume, the pop music 60’s outfit and of course the hippy costume.

However, another genre of 60’s outfit has become increasingly popular over the last few years and that is those 1960’s fancy dress costumes that have been inspired by a sixties film or television series, or even a modern day film with a sixties theme.

Below we take a look at three different 60’s outfit suggestions that are based on films or television series that you might want to consider for the upcoming sixties themed night.

Suggestion 1: Parker from Thunderbirds costume

One of the hit shows of the sixties was Thunderbirds, a puppet based show that was popular with both adults and kids alike. The series has spawned a number of cool outfits from various characters, but my personal favourite has got to be that of the chauffeur, Parker.

The Parker costume consists of a grey jacket, with metal buttons and trimmed in gold, grey trousers and a matching grey cap, which has a stiff black peak.

Suggestion 2: I Dream of Jeannie costume

Another popular show from the sixties was “I Dream of Jeannie”, which starred Barbara Eden as a 2000 year old female genie and Larry Hagman as an astronaut who becomes her master. The outfit that Jeannie wears in the sitcom is immediately recognisable by all that were around at the time or those of us that have watched the re-runs, which makes it a great theme for a 60’s outfit.

The I Dream of Jeannie costume consists of a red top, which is decorated with pink braid and sequins, a pair of pink knickers and some pink pantaloons.

Suggestion 3: Austin Powers Costume

Austin Powers was of course a 90’s comedy parody of James Bond, although it is set in the sixties. This is another film that has inspired a whole range of costumes, but the Austin Powers outfit itself is probably the most popular one.

The Austin Powers costume is based around a blue velour two-piece suit with lace cuffs. It also has an outrageous lace neck ruff and a pair of trendy glasses, making it a really cool over-the-top 60’s outfit.

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