5 Best Hairstyles for Round Faces | Long Hairstyles

so let’s talk about hair with a round face what should you do with the round face about your have you should either have your hair very long on the side so he actually takes it down you can actually do a middle part so what happened with that it splits your face little and makes it less round you can also do some framing layers and I want to say by Framing layers your layers shouldn’t be starting up here it should start right to the cheek here so he actually breaks that in and breaks that one face a factory with the round face you should have bangs because if you have bangs it will make your face much much heavier on the side and your hair shouldn’t be too short meaning if you’re here it’s not good for a round face because you would actually concentrate on being even more rounded so remember either straight line straight down or a little bit of long framing starting to the cheek .

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