80’s Fashion Back in Style 2016

Talk about 80’s fashion world is never-ending. Each year always comes new trends that are emerging or are modified and the old trend. But if you look at the pattern, the current fashion trend tends to be the result of the rotation of the fashion trends that have had loved during the 80’s.

This can be seen from the works of the designers of the world who tend to adapt the styles of the 80s such as retro and vintage. Well, next time we will review the various fashion items 80’s are back into contemporary trends and much loved by lovers of fashion.

80’s Fashion Denim

80's Fashion Denim Mini Denim Skirt Look 2016

When discussing fashion that never die the ages, which is on the order above is none other than denim. Yup, denim clothing, from shirts, jackets to trousers indeed continue to excite the world of fashion today. The lovers clothing material is also often called the jeans also come from all ages, ranging from teens and adult women.

80’s Fashion High Waisted

80's Fashion High Waisted Shorts 2016

Pants or skirts that high above the waist or abdomen fitting certainly no stranger for you coming from the generation of the 90s. Well for those of you who still have a collection of high-waisted pants or a long skirt but still in good condition and are kept in the wardrobe, you can pull out and put them on again. Does fear look old school? Quiet. You will not look old school anyway because the pants and high waisted skirt back into the present trend. To make it look more modern, you can take it to a tailor to slightly remodel shape. For example, you have a pair of high-waisted bell-bottoms with a model, you can change into a high-waisted skinny jeans.

80’s Fashion Overall

80's Fashion Overall in Style 2016

Overall a suit of clothes that part of superiors and subordinates together. The days of the 90’s, overalls are typically made of denim and tend widely used by young women. However, over the fashion world, materials for overalls and the model was more diverse. There is a form of pants, some are shaped skirt. Lovers of overalls are no longer limited to young women, but the women were also not missing to try it. The impression that cute overalls also gives effect to young and fresh for people who wear them.

80’s Fashion A-Line and Flared Skirt

80's Fashion A Line and Flared Skirt

A-Line skirt with a shaped like a letter A widening it down to one characteristic of vintage fashion style. The design is classic and feminine make women do not hesitate to add a skirt which is also known as the skirt flares into the apparel collection. Designs and motifs are increasingly changing times. There flare skirt length to the ankle called maxi skirt flares, there is a length of up calf called midi skirt flares, flare up mini skirt length fitting or a little higher above the knee. In terms of motifs are very diverse ranging from the plain pattern with bright colors, floral motifs, tribal up lines.

80’s Fashion Floral Pattern

80's Fashion Floral Pattern 2016

Fashion items such crowded with style flowers motif is also a characteristic of modern fashion. Turns floral pattern is starting to decorate the fashion world since the old tablets. Fresh impression it gives, makes the world clothing designers do not hesitate to use these flowers motif in their designs.

80’s Fashion Platform Shoes

80's Fashion Platform Shoes for Style 2016

Stitching is thick and slightly right to become the hallmark of platform shoes. Well for you who want to look more level but could not use high heels for hours, shoes can you make this platform as an alternative. The base that is flat but thick will help you to hold the balance of the body, and certainly still make you look taller.

80’s Fashion Leather Stuff

80's Fashion Leather Stuff

Leather fashion accessories ranging from leather jackets, leather shoes to bags skin becomes another hallmark of a classic fashion trend. And we can see, fashion leather item is still loved until the modern era like today. Besides being more durable and less likely to be difficult to treat, leather accessories tend to make the person wearing it look more classy and elegant.

80’s Fashion Flannel Shirt

80's Fashion Flannel Shirt 2016

For you who like the casual look and a little young, a flannel shirt with a motif gingham plaid alias shall enter into the list of clothes your collection. One fashion item that also had a trend in the 80’s fashion ideas you can easily combine with other garments such as T-shirts and jeans. In addition, to be as superficial, flannel shirts are also often used as a complementary fashion with tied around the waist.

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