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The FashDea.Com today is in a person’s appearance and dress. The prevailing style in behaviour is also. More technical terms, the costumes, has become so linked in the public eye with the “mode” the more general term “costume”. With the development of the fashion, every human being, an especially woman had been trying not to miss. Ranging from children to adults, they are very concerned about the fashion trends. Almost all nations have a stake in creating a fashion trend in each country. In each country usually have their own trends and a different perception in the expression of fashion, so fashion created is almost no limitations in this era.

Type of the FashDea.Com that has the fastest growing is clothes. It is because the clothes have faster changing of a model and most purchased by the public compared to other products. The ranking is followed by bags and shoes. Each person must have more choices of clothes compared to bags and shoes. Fashion is one that carries great influence in globalisation. In globalisation era, the fashion world is always changing from one model to another model. Therefore, the fashion trends are always interesting. Therefore, many people always want to follow the trend, especially the youth. Information about fashion development in globalisation era will be able to help in better utilisation continued.

Development of fashion, fashion model, clothing design, style costume, and others in this world have an impressive point. It can be seen with so rampant that sell and advertise a variety the FashDea.Com style. Not to forget also, along the road there are a lot of shops that display varied fashion styles. It shows how people today are very aware of the needs of fashion more than just a dress, but also stylish and trendy. Because the clothing is one of the means of communication in the community, then the community can judge a person by what they wear.

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