16 Style More Attractive with Your Camera Bags

16 Style More Attractive with Your Camera Bags – The need for a sophisticated camera is also demanding other needs, ie accessories protectors. One is a camera bags that can be protective when travelling.

Camera Bags

Camera bags serves to secure the camera from bumps and scratches. As for storing your camera, especially DSLR cameras and lenses, better kept in an airtight box cleaning.

Choosing a camera bags certainly can not hit-or-miss. Camera bag should be kept cool so that is not too high or low. Temperature or humidity is too high causing the growth of fungi on the lens.

Temperatures that are too low can interfere with the mechanical function of the camera and lens. To that end, here are some tips on choosing and caring for a camera bag.

Tips for Choosing and Caring for Camera Bags

  1. Select gap camera bag made from parachute. Avoid velvet material, because if the dirty and washed, parachute dry faster than velvet. This is intended to avoid a bag of damp and mildew.
  2. Bag size should be adjusted to the size of the camera.
  3. Do not wash the camera bag, better dry clean. This is done to avoid camera bag damp from the drying process are less than optimal.
  4. Choose a camera bag contained his rain coat, to avoid the rain.
  5. Do not store the camera in conjunction with cosmetics or drugs, because they contain chemicals that are not good for the camera.
  6. If not in use, remove the battery and memory card. Because the batteries and memory cards contain chemicals that are not good for the camera.
  7. Always store silica gel in a camera bag. Silica gel is replaced once a month. Silica gel is used to maintain the humidity and moisture content. Simply save two small bags of silica gel in a camera bag.
  8. Cameras should not be too long kept. At least 1 month should be used, with at least 20 shots.

But most formidable camera bags has the look fierce. For most women, the camera bag is great as it is not well suited to be taken every day.

Some camera bag for women began to emerge. The choice is varied starting from a pretty motif to the feminine colour.

Bag with a small size is suitable for a pocket camera lens or mirror. On the inside, there is a protective form of two layers of foam that we can set themselves routed.

The inside is also quite soft so it is safe to camera accessories such as lenses and charger in camera bags.

Bag shape is also different from a bag in general. The size is small, so it can be put into a bag. The exterior is made of brown leather, featuring vintage sweet impression but a still spirited adventure.

Choose a camera bags inside is made of a soft cotton cloth with a wide selection of motifs that girly.

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