Audrey Gelman, co-founder of The Wing, is pregnant

Mega-millennial Audrey Gelman is expecting her first baby — revealing the news with a photo of her bump.

Gelman, who’s the co-founder of The Wing, a string of women-only workspaces, married Genius co-founder Ilan Zechory in 2016.

The hipster wedding was in Detroit and featured Gelman’s childhood best friend Lena Dunham — who calls Gelman the inspiration for the character Marnie in her HBO hit “Girls” — as a bridesmaid dressed in J Crew.

The brunette broke the news on Instagram Friday,, writing: “Excited to meets the fetus.”

Gelman dated notorious photographer Terry Richardson from 2011 until 2013. She got drawn into the row over his sexually explicit and demeaning images of women after Dunham was criticized for photos he took of her.

Gelman said both she and Dunham had “regrets” over their relationship with him.

In 2017, Richardson was banned by Conde Nast International. He has been dogged for years by allegations of sexual exploitation of models, something he has always denied, something he has always denied.

Gelman calls The Wing, which she launched with Lauren Kassan in October 2016, a “safe, affirming professional network.” So far they’ve raised $117.5 million, last month raising $75 million alone from venture capitalists. Now with five locations in New York, Brooklyn, D.C. and San Franciso, with more than 6000 members.

And Gelman will be able to take her baby to work as The Wing even offers a pump room and on-site daycare for moms.

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