Best 8 Stunning Gorgeous Bikinis from The French Connection for Summer

Its summer time and The French Connection have absolutely gorgeous bikinis for you to choose from.  Don’t be shy. These beauties are absolute show stoppers at the beach or poolside, no matter where in the world you live.  Be the first in your circle of friends to sport one of our lovely bikini swimsuits.  Mix and match a multitude of colors, prints and styles.


The French Connection is the boutique to shop at for this year’s wonderful selection of newly designed bikinis. Since 1972 The French Connection has been the premier provider of fine women’s clothing and swimwear.  Founder Stephen Marks has made a life-long career of offering chic, well tailored, stylish swimwear for the discerning woman.

The French Connection prides itself on its free spirit styles. This stunning line of women’s bikinis is available to women all over the world, with hundreds of shops in major cities on just about every continent and via the internet. For nearly half a century women have modeled the genuine design and style that The French Connection is so well known for. The French Connection can meet all your summer swimwear needs with quality and affordability.

Gorgeous Bikinis from The French Connection

The French Connection bikini is also a wonderful way to showcase your gorgeous body. A woman wearing one of The French Connection bikini line says, “Look at me!  I’m beautiful!”  So go ahead, wear that bikini and express your distinctive taste and style.  At The French Connection we want every woman in the world to be able to stylize their own unique look. Shop our superior inventory of beautiful bikinis and every woman you see will be green with envy.

Be sure to tell all your friends and acquaintances you purchased your stunning bikini from The French Connection. The French Connection offers excellent service and superior styles for every woman’s summer swimwear fashion need. Set the pace for women everywhere and shop at the French Connection. Become a fashion icon in your own circle of friends and acquaintances by visiting one of our many lovely shops or see us online any time of day or night.

We are always here to please and look forward to proving we are the first and foremost outstanding proprietor of fine women’s bikini swimwear.  Let The French Connection dress you for the beach or pool all summer long.  Be sure to accessorize your stunning bikini with a new pair of sunglasses and jewelry.

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