Gloria Allred: Newly discovered video shows R. Kelly ‘sexually abusing children’

Lawyer Gloria Allred said Sunday that she gave authorities a newly discovered videotape that appears to show singer R. Kelly “sexually abusing children.”

Allred said she believes the tape is different from the one that helped lead to Kelly’s recent indictment in the alleged abuse of four underage victims between 1998 and 2010.

Allred said two clients, Gary and Sallie Dennis of Pennsylvania, found the recording in “box of old VHS tapes” and were “horrified” by what it shows.

During an afternoon news conference in Manhattan, Gary Dennis described finding “a sports tape but it also had R. Kelly’s name on it.”

“I thought it was a recording of an R. Kelly concert. I watched the sports on the tape and then continued to watch what I thought would be an R. Kelly concert,” he said.

“To my shock and surprise, R. Kelly appeared to be on the tape but not in concert. Instead, he was sexually abusing underage African American girls.”

Dennis added: “He was telling them what to do and what to say, and it appeared that he was in control of the camera. In addition, he was engaging with these children in sexually abusive acts. He appeared to be in command of the girls and they looked as though they were just saying and doing what he told them to do.”

Allred said it’s unclear how Gary and Sallie, who have two adult daughters, came to possess the tape.

“Over the years there have been friends that gave him sports tapes because they know he likes sports and he has no idea,” she said.

“He’s tried to think about it and — no idea. These are very old tapes.”

Allred said she wouldn’t detail “the specific abusive acts that appear on the tape, because we believe that the specifics should only be discussed or described to law enforcement and in a court of law.”

“It is fair to say, however, that no child should ever be subjected to the kind of abuse and degrading sexually predatory misconduct depicted on the tape,” she added.

Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, didn’t immediately return an email seeking comment.

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