Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 9 January 2019 written update of full episode: Parv’s plan to defeat Guddan

As Parv tries to deprive Guddan from the idea of using masks in the party, she just tries to keep the mask on his eyes but he removes it. She says to him that the mask exposes the real faces of people. Grandmother of AJ comes there asking whether they can’t do anything before the party starts revealing that the party is kept to catch up the kidnapper. Later she realizes that she asked it in front of Parv even though Guddan had asked her not to reveal the real reason of arranging the party to anyone. Parv laughs all at the secret plan of Guddan. He teases her wishing her all the best for catching up the kidnapper. Guddan also gets disappointed. But grandmother suggests her if they can keep some dance performances in the party but Guddan says that if they all get into all the dance performances. Grandmother asks her not to worry as she will be able to perform the rituals and look for the kidnapper. Parv is tensed as he is not able to understand how he can get rid of the mask party. He tries some tricks like wearing a goggle but it doesn’t work. Guddan feels to make Sidhi ready for the party. Parv bursts his anger on his wife revealing the fact that he is the kidnapper whom Guddan is looking for. While he is threatening his wife, Guddanis heading towards their room. She notices Parv trying to kill his so she shouts at him. He pretends that Sidhhi couldn’t take the medicine properly so he was just helping her in that. Guddan asks him to stay away from Sidhhi. Parv taunts her as her husband stays away from her. Guddan asks him not to do any drama and asks him to leave from there as she needs to make Sidhhi ready for the party. He takes the papers of sketches from there with him. He is confident that without mask she will not be able to identify him.

While Guddan is getting ready, she finds it difficult to fix the saree properly. By that time Akshat comes there. She feels awkward asking him that he should have knocked the door before coming in. AJ asks her to get aside from the mirror as he also needs to get ready as he is not aware that she is not properly ready. She later tells him that her blouse hook is not getting fixed. He tells her that he will fix it but she feels very shy. She starts crying blaming him for not appreciating her efforts for organizing the party. He says that he will close the eyes and fix the blouse hook issue. They come closer for the same. Guddan gets awkward but at the same time she loves as he is close to her. But AJ does all that closing his eyes. Later he leaves from there.

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