Ishqbaaaz 1 January 2019 written update of full episode: Shivaansh interrogates a criminal

As the commissioner asks Aditi to take Shivaansh everywhere she will go, she gets angry. She goes out of the police station to have a cup of tea. Shivaansh also follows her. His assistant Asya tells him that he needs to shoot a song for promotion. But Shivaansh says that he will go at the places where Aditi will go now onwards as he wants to learn action from her. So he arranges for the song shoot there itself. He performs on a song where he shows that he will follow Aditi everywhere. But Aditi doesn’t pay attention to him and gets back to her work. Inspector Gaitonde and constable Nana informs Shivaansh that Aditi has called him as she needs to give him briefing. They give him a hint that the briefing of Aditi is slightly difficult but as he is the superstar, it won’t be that difficult for him. Shivaansh doubts about such briefing. Inspector Gaitonde and constable Nana take him to the place where Aditi is waiting for him. While he moves ahead to meet her, he slips down. All go to help him including his assistant but Aditi says that Aditi asks all not to help him. She says to Shivaansh that it is the rule number 1 of Police duty that they need to be alert at all the time. She asks him not to waste time of police but to continue doing romantic films. While talking to him, her leg feet also slips a bit. She falls on him but Shivaansh holds her. They have a special moment as they keep on staring at each other. After a moment, Shivaansh says that it is the rule number 1 of his life to secure girl no matter what happens. Aditi is mesmerized with him but she doesn’t react in that way but leaves from there.

In the next scene, Aditi decides to tell the commissioner that she cannot tolerate Shivaansh anymore but by that Shivaansh comes there teasing her for getting defeated by him. Aditi asks him to quit rather wasting her time. But Shivaansh is not ready to back out. He notices that she is worried due to the look lock between them. But Aditi pretends that she understood nothing. Shivaansh does some drama by reminding her about the moment they came closer at the time of briefing. But Aditi asks him not to pretend that as closeness between them as he just rescued her from falling down. She says that she cannot tolerate him for even 2 minutes and she was about to tell the same thing to the commissioner. By that time the commissioner comes out of her cabin asking Aditi about what she was talking. But Aditi says that there is no problem even though Shivaansh tries to say that there is a problem. But after Aditi says that there is no issue, he tells the commissioner that everything is fine between him and Aditi. Later the commissioner asks Aditi about what she was about to tell her but Aditi says that everything is going good between her and Shivaansh. Aditi says that she has given the first briefing to Shivaansh. So commissioner asks her to keep it up. Shivaansh asks Aditi for not telling the commissioner about the moment of their look lock in the briefing. He tries to praise his charm because of which Aditi couldn’t tell the briefing in detail to the commissioner. But Aditi challenges him to make sure that next 24 hours will be the worst for him.

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