Ishqbaaaz 2 January 2019 written update of full episode: Shivaansh delighted to meet his cousins

Today’s episode starts with Aditi complaining about Shivaansh to her senior. She also says that because of Shivaansh, one of the criminal ran away. But he senior Commissioner of Police blames her in turn as she made Shivaansh interrogate the criminal which she was not asked to do. Aditi is shocked to hear that her senior also supporting Shivaansh. But later she clears that Shivaansh asked the constable to release the hands of the criminal. Both of them keep on complaining about each other to the commissioner. But the commissioner gets angry on them. Shivaansh accepts his mistake of trusting the criminal. But Aditi says that nowadays it is difficult to trust the loved ones but Shivaansh trusted a the criminal. Shivaansh asks her whether someone has hurt her who is her loved one. Aditi says nothing but leaves from there. He asks the commissioner about Aditi. The commissioner says that there have been some incidences because of which Aditi’s nature has become like that. She says that the job he wants to pursue is very dangerous so she advises him not to continue with the same. But Shivaansh says that he wants to fulfill the wish of his maternal and paternal grannies by doing an action film. The commissioner says that he is stubborn since his childhood. She asks him to observe things what Aditi does and not keeping his life in danger. He assures her for the same. She asks Shivaansh to talk to Aditi about it. But Shivaansh requests her to talk to Aditi. She says that she will try for it.

In the next scene, Khanna brings lunch for Shivaansh. Inspector Gaitonde and constable Nana are amazed to see the food brought for Shivaansh. Shivaansh asks them all to join him for lunch. But they find that Shivaansh’s lunch consists of raw salad. Khanna explains them that Shivaansh eats salad for lunch. Shivaaansh tells them that he need to keep himself fit so he needs to follow such diet. Constable Nana and inspector Gaitonde pull leg of Khanna for his physique. By that time Aditi comes there with her Tiffin for lunch. Shivaansh is amazed with the fragrance of food in her tiffin. Nana and Gaitonde praise the food made by Aditi and they tell Shivaansh about the same. Shivaansh sees Aditi enjoying he food. She also shares some sweets made by her to all. But Khanna says that Shivaansh will not have it as he doesn’t take such food. Aditi keeps the tiffin there only. But Shivaansh cannot resist eating sweet made by Aditi. Khanna tries to stop him but he doesn’t. He loves the laddoos made by her. Gaitonde apologizes to Shivaansh as the criminal attacked on him. Khanna is tensed to know that. Khanna asks Shivaansh to come with him but Shivaansh doesn’t listen to him. Aruna comes to the police station asking Shivaansh to come home with her. Aditi enjoys when Aruna scolds Shivaansh. She supports Aruna as she also wants Shivaansh to leave from the police station. Shivaansh asks her why she is caring for him if she is not his fan. Aditi says that it is her responsibility to look after him till he is at the police station. Aruna takes Shivaansh home. Aditi becomes very happy and relax. She asks Nana to bring a cup of tea. But by that time Shivaaansh returns back reminding her that he will go from there when he wishes to.

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