Ishqbaaaz 3 January 2019 written update of full episode: Shivaansh help Aditi

Today’s episode starts with Aditi asking her aunt to take rest as she will be going to the hospital to look after her uncle who is admitted. Her aunt wishes to keep a veneration in the house for the well being of her husband. Aditi immediately gives her Rs.500/- for the veneration arrangement. While she is leaving from there, Mau stops her. She questions Aditi for giving the money to her aunt as she was having limited amount of money. But Aditi asks her not to be tensed as she will manage. Later she leaves from there.

In the next scene, Aruna asks Shivaansh’s assistant to see where he is as there is pooja and all are waiting for him. Khanna gets tensed as he knows that Shivaansh has gone for important tests for his weak heart issue but he cannot reveal the fact to anyone. So he decides to handle the situation somehow. Assistant asks Khanna about Shivaansh but he avoids telling him anything. Aruna is preparing for the veneration. Radhika comes there. Aruna asks her to have some bridal things as she has just got married. But Radhika doesn’t like to wear all that. Dhruv pulls her leg by saying that she will get ready in the bridal look once her husband comes back from Australia. Aruna wishes to get a proper photo shoot of Radhika and her husband Varun. Radhika blushes on that. She again enquires about Shivaansh. His assistant says that Shivaansh won’t be able to come for the veneration. He asks Khanna to explain the reason. Khanna gives fake excuse that Shivaansh went for an important meeting. Aruna bursts he anger on both of them for letting Shivaansh go out without attending the veneration. By that time Khanna gets call from Shivaansh. He asks Shivaansh about the time when he will come back as all are questioning a lot. He also enquires about the test. Aruna listens to that. Khanna gets scared to see her. Aruna enquires about the call. He again says lie that he was talking to his friend from Kanpur. Aruna still doubts on him. She confirms whether Shivaansh is fine else she will die. By that time Radhika comes there. She asks both of them to gather for the veneration as the Priest is waiting for them. Radhika takes Aruna from there. But while leaving from there, Khanna says to himself that they need to worship god for Shivaansh. Aruna and Radhika are shocked with that. Aruna questions him about it. Khanna says that Shivaansh had cold so they need to pray for his good health. All of them laugh at him as he gets tensed with their reactions. Aruna gets emotional. She asks Radhika and Dhruv to assume Shivaansh is there with them for the Maha Aarti. At the same time, the veneration and Aarti takes place at Aditi’s place as well. Both the families worship Lord Ganesha. Aruna distributes the sweets as the offertory. Aditi’s aunt is worried about her husband’s health. Aditi consoles her. She gets a call from the hospital. They inform Aditi that her uncle’s health is deterioting. So Aditi requests them to shift her uncle to the private ward assuring that she will manage the expenses. Mau asks her about the call. Aditi asks her not to let aunt aware about anything as she will manage expenses for her uncle’s health. Aditi goes to the jeweler to sell the Gold earrings of her mother to arrange for the funds. On the other side, her aunt opens the fridge as she wishes to make some meal for her husband. But she finds that there is nothing in the fridge. She learns the real situation of Aditi’s family. She feels guilty for being burden on Aditi. By that time Aditi comes there saying that they are not burden as they are her family. She brings vegetables and all the stuff needed at home. Her aunt appreciates her kindness. But Aditi asks her not to appreciate her else she will file FIR which lightens the atmosphere. Aditi asks her sister to help aunt in cooking. Mau asks Aditi about the funds she managed. Aditi says that she had funds. But Aditi avoids telling her the fact. While Aditi takes out her mobile from the bag, a paper falls down. Mau takes the paper. She finds that it is the receipt of jewelry shop. She questions Aditi about selling the jewelry. But Aditi reveals her that she has just mortgaged the same. Mau says that it was their mother’s jewelry which was valuable. But Aditi says that relations are more valuable than the jewelry. Mau feels proud of her sister Aditi.

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