Ishqbaaaz 4 January 2019 written update of full episode: Shock for Shivaansh

Today’s episode starts with Shivaansh reminding Aditi about the favours he did to her. He says that he can help her to solve the case. But Aditi denies to take his help. She is about to go to the New Year Party in her police attire but Shivaansh asks her to dress like a girl for the party else the criminal will be alert.

At the hotel, party starts. The media people are there to cover the glimpse of it. Shivaansh and Aditi also reach there. Aditi looks stunning in the dress. As Shivaansh enters the party, media starts clicking his photos. They question him about Aditi. They ask whether Aditi is his new girlfriend. Aditi feels disappointed to hear that. They have a cute fight while Aditi notices a person who looks similar to the criminal. She goes to see him but there is no one. She is scared as the criminal may harm people in the party. By that time a journalist comes in front of her who does reporting for Shivaansh. Aditi moves away from her as she needs to look for the criminal avoiding that journalist. The journalist hopes that Aditi will understand Shivaansh one day. Shivaansh comes to her to help her in the case. But Aditi asks him to be away from her as it is being hindrance for her to concentrate on the case. While Shivaansh says something, Aditi notices the criminal. The party host announces a game before 2019 starts. She first asks Shivaansh to come with Aditi on the stage and reveal their wishes. Shivaansh asks her to play the game with him. Aditi says that if wishes would have been completed by writing them on paper, she would have done it since her childhood but later she stops saying anything. She recollects the incidence happened with her father when she was young. Shivaansh wonders why Aditi mentioned her father as the wish on the paper. He wishes to complete his dream of building hospital in the name of his parents. Later his fans start expressing their wishes. While clicking photos with a fan, Shivaansh paper on which he wrote his wish falls down. Aditi notices that he wishes to have Rs. 500 Crores. She feels that Shivaansh is greedy for money. She decides to be away from Shivaansh else media will make stories on them. She goes to look for the criminal. The criminal and Aditi see each other. The criminal starts running. Aditi follows him. Shivaansh decides to stay away from the fan who clicked pics with him as she wanted to be with him when 2019 starts. But suddenly lights are dimmed to enjoy the countdown of new year. The host asks all to search for their partners in the dark and spend the whole year with them. Unfortunately the fan from whom Shivaansh wanted to be away comes to him asking him to dance with her. But Shivaansh keeps hand of some other guy on her hand. They start dancing. Shivaansh leaves from there. Aditi is still looking for the criminal. The countdown for 2019 starts. Aditi notices the criminal but while reaching to him, she gets hit to a girl. She further moves ahead holding the criminal’s hand. She feels that she caught the criminal but when the lights are switched on, she finds that it is Shivaansh. Both of them stare each other. Shivaansh asks her about why she looks tensed. Aditi says that she was about to catch the criminal but he came in between. Shivaansh asks her to relax as the criminal must be there as he haven’t executed any plan so far. Both of them decide to look for the criminal but the host of the party requests both of them to cut the cake for the new year eve. Aditi is very much panic as her mission of catching the criminal is not yet completed. Shivaansh asks her to relax as cake cutting is a matter of few minutes as in reality nothing happens in the real life within few minutes like his films. As he just gives example that if it would have been his movie, a dead body would have fallen immediately after they cut the cake. But the film incidence narrated by him takes place in real life as a dead body actually falls from above. All the people present in the party get scared to see that. Shivaansh stands shocked. Aditi asks him to move away but she is also shocked to know that the person died is his stylist. Media starts taking photos and videos but Aditi asks them not to take any photos and calls for back up on urgent basis from the police station. Aditi asks Shivaansh to go away from the dead body but Shivaansh is very much shocked and emotional. He gets shattered.

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