Jeff Bezos used Lin-Manuel Miranda to spend time with Lauren Sanchez

Scandal-hit Jeff Bezos hired Lin-Manuel Miranda to film the Amazon Super Bowl commercial and insisted his alleged mistress Lauren Sanchez was on the production team, according to a new report. The Amazon boss actually went so far as to use the “Hamilton” star to spend time with his mistress, the National Enquirer claims.

Sanchez, whom the outlet claims has evidence of her having an affair with the billionaire CEO for the past nine months, has been working on a documentary about Bezos’ space exploration unit, Blue Origin.

However, a source told the outlet they doubted the film project would ever see the light of day and mooted it was just an excuse for the pair to see each other, calling it “the $50 million alibi.”

The commercial, however, is due to air next month.

The source added: “Jeff hired Lauren to work on the Blue Origin project and a Super Bowl commercial, which he wants Lin-Manuel Miranda to write and direct. He keeps pushing the projects back for various reasons, constantly giving excuses why things need more time.”

The source likened the projects to “the perfect alibi,” and told the Enquirer, “With the money invested in both, it’s like he’s paying $50 million to cover up an affair.”

Meanwhile, the outlet claims that Bezos used Sanchez’s real name, Wendy, when referring to her, to cover up the amount of time they spent together.

And the pair is not believed to have been scrupulously careful. The outlet reports that on one occasion Mackenzie discovered the flight manifest of Bezos’ jet and questioned him on why Sanchez was the only passenger.

“Jeff passed it off to Mackenzie as being business-related,” the source told the outlet.

Bezos did not return requests for comment.

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