Jodha Akbar 10 January 2019 written update of full episode: Jodha in dilemma

Today’s episode starts with Jodha begum discussing with mother in law. Her mother in law gives her example of Humayun to boost her moral. She is confident that Jodha can take the responsibilities of Haram. Jodha gets emotional as she misses her mother but she also gets the similar strength she used to get from her mother. Jodha Begum promises her mother-in-law to fulfill all her expectations. Jalal’s bua informs Ruquiya begum that Jodha has more support from the begums of Haram than her. But Ruquiya is still overconfident as she feels that Jodha would not be able to handle the jurisdiction of Haram like her. But Bua asks her to be careful as Jodha has also decided to take the responsibilities of Haram with the support of most of the begums of Haram.

The small boy tells Jodha begum that his dad was a worrier but he was killed during a war. Jodha feels sad as he is not having his mother with him too. She promises him to send him to his mother once she comes to know about her. By that time a servant informs Jodha begum that Jalal is coming towards her room. Jodha asks Moti to take the boy inside as Jalal is not aware about him. Jalal enters her room. He appreciates her decision as she is ready to handle the responsibilities. He again advices her to think according to the way Ruquiya begum handles Haram. But Jodha begum says that sometimes we need to take decisions listening to our heart. Jalal likes her way of thinking. A servant informs Jalal that Ataga has called him at the main gate. Jalal leaves from there asking her keep up the good work but meet him also when she gets time. Later Jodha goes to see the small boy.

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