Jodha Akbar 9 January 2019 written update of full episode: Jalal discovers leadership qualities in Jodha

Today’s episode starts with Jodha begum’s friend advising her not to interfere into the jurisdiction of Ruquiya Begum. Jodha is also afraid of Ruquiya Begum’s reaction on the issue. On the other side Ruquiya begum is also confident that Jalal will not give any decision which will go against her. She also decides not to spare Jodha Begum. In the assembly hall, all gather. Jalal arrives there. Jalal expresses his wish to meet the three Ruksana, Mazhar and Aziza. He asks all of them about their wish that they want to do. Mazhar, Aziza and Ruksana express their views about the issue they have about the triangle of love. Ruquiya and Jodha begum try to defend the side of Aziza and Ruksana respectively. Finally he gives his decision that Ruksana and Mazhar cannot get married. He also gives time of a month for three of them to sort out their issue within themselves. He asks all his begums to reveal their views about his decision. Most of the begums complain about Ruquiya begum. Maham interferes defending Ruquiya begum. Ruquiya asks about the person who wants to take the responsibility of Haram instead of her. Jalal asks rests of the begums who is willing to take the responsibility of Haram but no one agrees but later most of them take names of Jodha begum. Jodha refuses to do so. Ruquiya begum says that she has no issue about it but Jodha says that she is not eligible for the same. Jalal gives time of one day to all to decide about the head of Haram else he won’t listen anything against Ruquiya.

Other begums discuss about the behaviour of Ruquiya and Jodha begum. They feel that Jodha begum is capable to handle Haram as she understands emotions even Ruquiya begum’s sister wants Jodha to take the responsibility of Haram. A servant hears that Saleema begum praised Jodha begum so she decides to feul Ruquiya begum against her by informing the same so that she can get some reward. Jodha comes to meet Jalal. She thanks him for solving the issue between Aziza and Ruksana. Jalal asks her to give her a head massage as he is having headache. He appreciates her as begums of Haram has started praising her as she has started understanding them. He tries to provoke Jodha begum for agreeing to handle the jurisdiction of Haram. Jodha begum gets upset so she asks him to take rest and leaves from there. He feels that Jodha begum will have to handle many responsibilities from the next day as he knows that she can handle Haram well than Ruquiya begum.

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