Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, 2 January 2019 written update of full episode: Komolika’s smart suggestion

Today’s episode starts with Mohini feeling that Prerna wants to trap Anurag in Shivani’s issue purposely. She feels that Anurag is very innocent but Prerna is trying to make him on her side. She recollects what Nibedita said to her when she tried to explain that Prerna is behind Anurag. She fears if Prerna takes Anurag away from her. While Anurag is talking to the inspector; Prerna looks at him adorably. By that time she gets a call from Mahesh informing him that Shivani is being inconsolable. He asks Prerna to reach hospital as soon as possible as they are not able to calm down Shivani. The inspector informs Anurag that Ronit has been arrested. Anurag becomes happy to hear that. Anurag looks for Prerna. When Anurag comes to her, she shares what Mahesh told her about Shivani. She is very much confused. Anurag informs her that Ronit has been arrested. So she decides to be in the police station for sometime so that she can question Ronit for his behaviour with Shivani. But she also feels that Shivani needs her. So Anurag says that they should meet Shivani first. He goes to take the car. He asks Prerna to collect the copy of FIR. Prerna calls Mahesh asking him to look after Shivani by the time she comes there. The inspector gives her the copy of FIR. He reminds her that Ronit is the son of a politician. But Prerna says that she just wants justice and nothing else. Later she leaves from there taking the FIR copy. While Anurag is checking his mobile outside the police station, Komolika arrives there. But by some reason, they cannot see each other’s face. A person over there falls for her by looking at her beauty. But Anurag ignores him and goes further. Again while Prerna is coming looking the FIR copy, she hits Komolika by mistake. So the two of them have face off. Komolika recollects that Prerna was the one who came in front of her car. Komolika asks Prerna for coming to the police station. Prerna avoids telling her the reason but asks Komolika to remove her feet as the FIR copy is underneath. Komolika picks up the paper. Prerna takes it from her hand before Komolika sees that. She says that she is in hurry. Komolika feels that there is something because of which they are meeting again and again. Anurag brings the car. He asks Prerna to come. While Komolika turns back to see with whom Prerna is talking, Anurag looks on the back sit for something. So Komolika says that Prerna is like her as she roams with a new guy every day. Prerna clarifies that she is not like that as she cannot escape from her relations and move on in life. She says that they shall meet next time but in good circumstances. Anurag asks Prerna about with whom she was talking. Prerna shares that there was a weird girl. Anurag also says that he saw a weird girl. They wonder if they are talking about the same girl. In the hospital, Veena tries to calm down Shivani but she doesn’t. She asks Rajesh to make Shivani understand the things. Rajesh makes Shivani understand that she should not think of committing suicide as if we meet few negative and wrong people in life doesn’t mean that the entire world is wrong. He asks all not to discuss about the issue again. Rajesh assures Shivani that no one will say anything to her. But Suman doesn’t like it. She feels that people will question them as Shivani has humiliated their family with her behaviour. Prerna and Anurag reach to the hospital. But Shivani is not ready to go back home. She asks all to keep her in any ashram as she doesn’t deserve to be in the society anymore. Prerna assures Shivani that no one will blame her. But Shivani is not ready to listen to her. Anurag motivates Shivani for tackling the situation properly without losing strength. He asks Shivani not to be afraid of those people who doesn’t matter for her but she should think about her family who care for her. He asks her to come out of her guilt and stop crying. He also apologizes to Sharma family for interfering into their matter. Later Shivani agrees to go home. All become happy that she has changed her decision. Prerna looks at Anurag with a smile.

Mr. Sidhaant Chaubey reaches to the police station. Media start questioning him about his next move in the politics. But he ignores them. His secretary informs him that it is Prerna Sharma who has filed the case against Ronit. Mr. Chaubey asks his secretary to get all the details about Prerna. While Komolika is asking the inspector to release her brother Ronit but the inspector requests her to wait as he will speak to her father Mr. Chaubey once he comes there. By that time Mr.Chaubey arrives there. He orders the inspector to release Ronit. He scolds him for arresting his son coming to his house. But the inspector informs him that there is nothing in his hand now. He also says that it is good that they have not revealed the fact to the media yet. He also says that he may get suspended but it will have adverse effect on Mr. Chaubey’s political career. Mr. Chaubey also threatens the inspector to see to it that the inspector will lose his job. He asks him to release Ronit. By that time media enters in and starts questioning him. Mr. Chaubey gives a fake reason that he has come to take the permission of the inspector for his rally for the elections as he doesn’t want to trouble the common people. The media later goes from there. Mr. Chaubey scolds Ronit for not listening to him. Komolika tries to make him calm. But Mr. Chaubey is hurt with whatever the inspector said to him about Ronit. She makes her father understand that it is good for his political career that the media doesn’t know about Ronit’s arrest which may ruin his political career. She asks him to be careful till the elections take place. He agrees to what she says. He asks her to handle the matter. She assures him that she will get Ronit released from the police custody soon.

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