Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, 3 January 2019 written update of full episode: Komolika confronts Prerna

As Prerna starts crying a lot, Shivani asks her about Anurag. Prerna says that Anurag is a nice guy but it is too late. She feels that she should have understood her feelings much earlier but it is too late. But Shivani is very confident that Anurag loves her. Prerna says that they have misunderstood the goodness of Anurag as his love for her. She tells Shivani that Anurag’s ex-girlfriend Mishka has come back in his life. She also shares whatever happened in the party like the way Mishka came there and Mohini also accepted her. She feels very disappointed with herself as she didn’t express her love to Anurag in time. But Shivani is still confident that Prerna and Anurag are made for each other. But Prerna has lost hopes of having Anurag in her life. Shivani asks Prerna to believe that Anurag also loves her and he will go against all and be with her. But Prerna is still not positive about her love. She feels that she is also unlucky as her love got defeated by the kindness of Anurag. By that time, Veena comes upstairs. She informs Prerna that Komolika has come to meet her. Prerna wonders about the name as she doesn’t know anyone with that name. She goes to meet Komolika.

In the next scene, Mohini is sitting in the living room. The door bell rings. She thinks that it must be Anurag on the door. She goes to open the door. It is Anurag. She looks very happy. Anurag asks her about it. He also asks her to be like that with a big smile always. Mohini says that she is happy only because of him. Mohini says that he is her world. She loves him the most unconditionally. She gets emotional. Anurag says that his sisters fight with him when she gives him extra love and attention. But Mohini is ok with it as she wants him to be around her always. Anurag asks her to relax. She says that there is a surprise in the room for him. She asks him to fresh n up as his mood will change b y meeting the surprise. Anurag wonders about it. He feels that Mohini must have arranged for a massage. He enters into his room saying that he actually needs a massage. But he is shocked to see that it is Mishka in his room. While Mishka asks him whether he needs a massage but Anurag feels awkward so he denies the same. Mishka praises Mohini as she only sent her to Anurag’s room. She tries to come closer to him. Anurag avoids her. She gets him clothes to change. She also tells Anurag that she has told her sister about him and she will be happy to meet him. Anurag doesn’t understand. But Mishka asks him to change the clothes first. So Anurag goes to change.

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