Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, 4 January 2019 written update of full episode: War between Komolika and Prerna begins

As Komolika humiliates Prerna a lot, Prerna listens to her calmly initially. Prerna smartly answers her saying that rich people doesn’t have the understanding and bonding to understand the pain with such issues. On the other side, Shivani apologizes to Veena for her behaviour. But Veena consoles her. Veena asks for a promise from Shivani saying that she will always share all her pains and sorrows with her. She feeds Shivani with her favourite food. She shares that seeing her bleeding was her biggest pain in life. She understands Shivani’s situation as a friend but also asks her to think about her family members before taking any wrong step.

Downstairs Komolika keeps on threatening Prerna for not sparing her as she has trapped her brother in the case. She humiliates Prerna and the girls from middle class saying that they play sympathy cards when guys reject her as Shivani did. She also takes it lightly even though she knows that Shivani is pregnant because of Ronit. Both of them shout on each other. Veena listens to the voice of Komilika. She asks Shivani to take rest and goes to see what is happening downstairs with Komolika and Prerna. Komolika keeps on defending her brother Ronit whereas Prerna defends Shivani. Komolika assures Prerna that she will make Shivani’s life as hell. While they are fighting, all the members of Sharma family come there. Komolika starts rubbishing about Shivani in front of Rajesh, Veena and all of them. Veena interferes making Komolika understand that whatever her brother behaved with her sister is wrong. But Komolika insults Veena also calling her the master mind of all that. She blames Veena for raising her daughters wrongly as she feels that Shivani trapped Ronit for money. Prerna scolds her for disrespecting her mother. Rajesh also asks Komolika to control her words. But Komolika still blames Shivani. She goes upstairs to meet Shivani. While Shekhar tries to stop her, Suman holds his hand asking him not to go there but Shekhar frees up his hand from her. Veena feels very bad. She starts crying. Prerna consoles her. She asks Veena to be strong. Later Prerna goes upstairs to handle Shivani. Komolika enters Shivani’s room. She start humiliating her. She says that she will not spare for trapping her brother. She insults Shivani on her looks. Shivani gets scared of her. She asks Shivani to pray to God as she will make her life hell for troubling her brother. By that time Prerna comes there. Shivani hugs her. Prerna asks her to leave before they insult her. Komolika leaves from there saying that she will see them both in the court. Shivani is very much scared but Prerna asks her not to be scared as she will protect her. Prerna goes from there saying that she will not spare Komolika.

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