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Katherine Heigl Short Hair Style – So today we are going to be talking all about Katherine Heigl short hair. This was 15 pounds ago, look at my old face! My face is tiny! So for today’s video, I am going to be showing you how I style my hair. I get a lot of questions about my hair, and honestly I’m just not, I’m not good at it, I’m not good at hair. Hair confuses me, hair stresses me out. It’s not my thing. Makeup and fashion, all about that. But usually this is how I do…This is how we do because once I do my makeup and my outfit, I’m like “Can I be done?” This is a full time job, it’s a process. don’t wanna do my hair. I wanna leave, I wanna go live my life. Like, I don’t wanna stay in the bathroom for thirty minutes and style my hair. It’s gonna end up looking like crap anyways because my hair is just SO flat naturally, it’s INSANE. And I live in Florida and most people in Florida, like when they have humidity around them like, their hair reacts and gets bigger, not mine.

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Katherine Heigl Short Hair Style. It’s like a curse. I wanna move to California just so that I can get some volume because when I’m in California, I feel like I’m just like yes! yes! hair! hair! Like, my hair can finally be, like, big and voluminous and not get weighed down by the humidity. So to get my hair to literally have any sort of texture or volume, I literally put six products in my hair when it’s damp and it is the only thing that I have found, that actually gives me body and actually gives me texture, and actually makes my hair workable so that I can curl it and I can style it, and I can get some volume in it because mmmmm, you don’t even wanna know. This is what my hair looks like after taking my hair out of a scrunchy. I washed it about… close to forty eight hours ago, and I didn’t style it when I got done washing it and I didn’t style it yesterday because I’ve just been working from home for the past two days so it’s literally been in a scrunchy for almost forty eight hours and this is what it looks like. My hair color is the most asked question on my channel of ALL TIME. So I just started going to this new girl who’s absolutely AMAZING. She’s in North Tampa, she’s in the Tampa Bay area.

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If you guys are looking for Katherine Heigl Short Hair Style, I will link her instagram down below. She’s incredible. She did the balayage technique on my hair. I don’t really know what any of these terms mean you guys so if there’s any hairdressers out there watching, I know I’m probably making a fool out of myself, but at least I’m honest about it I do not know what I’m talking about when it comes to hair Ummm, but she did the balayage technique. So the bottom of my hair, right here, the tips it’s much more of like a fiery red and then up here, its more of like a darker auburn that kinda like fades and ombrès down, which I LOVE. Especially when it’s styled and it’s curled. It’s not so great now, but when it’s styled and it’s curled I LOVE the way that the ends have that fiery, piecey look and then the top is much darker and auburn.

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So for those of you who are trying to achieve a hair colour similar to this which I’m always getting questions about what my formula is I don’t know what my formula is, especially now that I’m going to someone new. I can try to find that out next time I go and post it on SnapChat for you guys. Umm, but I always, always ask for a warm, rich, dark, deep auburn shade with only coppers and reds, and no purple or violets. Because I want it to have like that umpf. Like, I want it to be warm, and I want it to be deep and I want it to look yummy, and like, fudgy almost But I don’t want it to be purple whatsoever.

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Katherine Heigl Short Hair Style: Which, it still happens, even though no ones ever put violet in my hair sometimes my hair will still pull violet and I’m like “what is going on with my hair?!” I just want it to be, I want it to be like MAC ‘Coppering’… That’s what I want in my hair. As for the cut of my hair, it is very piecey, which was accidental I did not know that it was going to be THIS piecey. Umm, I’m kinda at a weird, awkward moment with my hair, which I feel like I say that my whole life. Umm, I’m kinda waiting for some pieces to grow out to really have the cut I’m really truly wanting. In the front it is a little bit longer than the back, and i want it to be even more drastic but I’m waiting for everything to grow, like, a couple more months but I definitely want it shorter in the back and longer in the front and you can see that there is definitely an angle right there, it’s just not as drastic as I want it to be and I have tons of piecey layers that circle my entire head and at first when I got these, I absolutely hated them but now I have definitely gotten more accustomed and more friendly with my layers and I think they kinda work for me, especially since I only ever wear my hair curly and wavy now.

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Katherine Heigl Short Hair Style straight anymore because I just, I don’t know, I feel I look so political. Okay, so now, for actually styling my hair, this is the wand that I use Every. Single. Day. I used to use the Bellami 6-in-1, which is six different wands, that you could continuously clip on and take off, Which is awesome, I just feel like I use this one more, because it works so much faster Like, I only have to hold my hair around this for a couple of seconds and it’s done, And that’s why I love it so much, cause it’s SO quick And I’m all about things being quick mmm…That’s what she said Okay, so the first thing I’m gonna do is just clip up a portion of my hair Where is my scrunchie? (laugh/gasp) Yes I have literally been wearing scrunchies recently, because like, you can just buy them on Amazon Because I’ve noticed, that when I’m around my house, if I put my hair in a ponytail, and I use, just like, a regular hair twisty It puts a bend in my hair, and when I take my hair down, it’s got, like, that line on your head But this scrunchie does not do that, it doesn’t put a bend in your hair whatsoever Which is why I’ve been using it So all I’m going to do, is grab sections of hair I’m gonna grab a pretty generous amount, because I don’t want my hair to be curly I want it to be more wavy And I’m going to curl everything away from my face When my hair was longer, I would curl towards my face, away from my face, towards my face, away from my face, like, every other peice Just to make it look super duper messy Now that I have shorter hair, I feel like it just looks best when everything is going away from my face So each time I move up a row, I got about an inch and a half (4cm), and part my hair off Then again, I’ll grab a section like this big right here and then when I curl it, I don’t leave my wand on it for too long otherwise it will be really curly.<

I don’t want this look to be curly, so I just leave it on for a couple of seconds and I’ll kind of give it a little tug on the end just so it kind of lays like that because you can see it’s not an intense curl. If I leave this wand on for like a full ten seconds, it will be up here.It will be like Curly Sue and I feel like it makes me look very, like, my hair look little girl “cutesy” And I want look more like messy and beach-y and more sexy – I hate using that word. So, the most frequently asked question I get about my hair is how I keep the red from fading. I can’t keep the red from fading- it’s inevitable, it’s going to fade no matter what. The number one thing is that I do not wet it very often and when I say “wet”, I don’t just mean shampoo or condition like I don’t get it wet, like I don’t go swimming. I don’t go jump into a pool and get my hair wet. I did that when I was in L.A- I jumped into a pool and that was a BIG mistake. Even though it was a salt water pool, my hair faded so bad- it looked like Kool-Aid when I got out I was like “Mm okay!” I use shampoo and conditioner made specifically for red hair by the brand “Davines” I will link it down below for any other reddies out there.

I wash it twice a week, um, I don’t have naturally really oily hair so it’s not a problem for me. I usually use dry shampoo a lot. There is a product by “Bumble and Bumble” that I’m OBSESSED with and it’s called “Prêt‑à‑Powder”. I will link all of my favorite hair products down below for you guys. To me, it’s definitely all about the shampoo and how often I wet my hair like if I washed my hair like three times a week, I’ll definitely see the difference. My hair will fade each time. And yes, every single time I take a shower, it looks like someone is being killed. It’s red water every single time. All of my towels are red, my pillowcase has red stains on it, everything is red.

Katherine Heigl Short Hair Style: It’s one of the things I miss about being blonde. Nothing’s stained! So now that I have that side done, I’ll just kind of pull it apart, kind of piece it up so that those hot curls don’t settle. Or stay too curly. Moving on up! Another question I get asked all the time is how often I get my hair done. I get my hair done every four weeks. And that is not because of the fading, that is because of my roots. My roots grow out and look SO terrible with this hair color because I have very ashy, mousy brown hair it looks like poop honestly. It’s just not a good color at all, it’s not flattering and against this red color, it just looks TERRIBLE. It’s like this almost gray looking color against it and it’s BAD, like when I was blonde, I didn’t have to get my roots done that often- well I couldn’t afford to get my roots done that often when I was blonde But, um, I didn’t have to get them done that often because the brown didn’t look bad growing out but on my red hair, the roots look terrible. Another question I get asked is if my hair is extremely damaged from all the color and surprisingly, it is not. I always say it’s damaged, I’m like “My hair is so damaged, my hair is so fried” but anytime I go to a hairdresser they always feel my hair and they’re like “No, your hair is in great condition” “It’s super strong and not breaking” and I’m like, “What?” Um, so according to hairdressers, my hair is not damaged. I feel like it is just because my hair is so dry Um, I don’t do a lot of intense masks on my hair because when I do that, OH GIRL. My hair has no life for like a week and a half. Another thing that I have noticed I do when I curl to keep my hair flat on the barrel so I put it like this, and then I keep- see how all the hair on my barrel is flat- I try to do that as much as possible because if you kind of twist your hair around on the barrel, it kind of like, you know what I’m saying? like get it all twisted up then it won’t have this nice kind of look.

It will start to look kind of like kinky kind of- it will definitely give you a way messier look, but I’m not going for that look so I keep my hair flat on the barrel when I’m curling. And when I curl, I always curl all the way through the ends. Like, you can see I’m not leaving the ends out. I curl the entire thing because I used to leave the ends out and curl it like this but when I would do that, all it would do was make the ends of my hair flip up and look even more piece-y And when I look back at old pictures and videos of my hair styled like that I’m like “Ugh! No!” I can’t stand it now, so it’s just kind of like a personal preference if you want your ends to kind of stick out more Um, but with this hair cut I don’t want them to stick out, I want them to kind of blend in. Okay, so now when it comes to my front bang, I don’t curl all the way o the root. I don’t want to take it all the way to my scalp because it will give me such a va-va-voom bang and I just want it to kind of hang down with the rest of the group Yeah, you just chill there. Chill with your homies.

Katherine Heigl Short Hair Style going to go through everything with my hands and just pull and separate because I don’t want any of the curls clinging onto each other First thing I’m going to do is I’m going to grab some Oribe dry texturizing spray I am obsessed with this stuff I’m going to spray it… throughout all my hair I’m going to spray it on the roots… on the ends… in the middle. Everywhere. And just rough it up. Alright, I’m going to grab a comb. Any comb, like a wide-tooth comb will do and I’m going to grab it and just kind of separate everything because, again, I don’t want my hair clinging onto each other like clinging on the other curls because that’s what will make it look, um, not as voluminous and not as full because it will be clinging on and hanging together so I’m just going through and separating everything So as you can see, the outcome isn’t actually curly, it’s just very messy and piece-y and just texturized but it doesn’t actually have a “Curly Sue” vibe I’ll show you the back and what it looks like You can see, it’s just, it’s just really playful and the great thing about this hairstyle is that throughout the day, like if the wind blows and my hair goes flying over, like it doesn’t bother me like it can get as messy as I want it to and like that’s kind of the point It’s just for it to be kind of like laid back and messy and tousled and piece-y so, that’s it you guys! I hope that you enjoy this video- all of you who requested it, it was so easy to do now you know how easy it is to achieve this hairstyle honestly, it takes me maybe, oh my god absolute tops would be twenty minutes from start to end of this entire hairstyle more like twelve to fifteen minutes to do this entire process because I’ve just got it down so quick of how to do it, it’s funny, it’s such a short amount of time, but yet like I never want to do it I’m like “I don’t feel like curling my hair”, I’m just so lazy when it comes to my hair but yeah.

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