Kundali Bhagya 8 January 2019 written update of full episode: Preeta’s concern for Rishabh

Today’s episode starts with Prithvi misleading Monisha against Ritwik saying that Luthra family just utilized him for the master mind’s name. Monisha recollects her conversation with Ritwik. Prithvi continues to do drama saying that he feels bad for Ritwik’s demise. He promises her to help her to take revenge for Ritwik’s death. Monisha believes him asking him to help her as a true friend else she will kill him. Prithvi also holds her hand and promises her to support her till his last breath. Monisha expresses her wish to penalize Karan and Rishabh. Prithvi is happy as Monisha trusts her.

In the jail, a criminal identifies Rishabh as the brother of famous Cricketer Karan Luthra. He wishes to have a selfie with him. The criminal asks for the mobile to the police but they deny for the same. Police give them the food. He feels that Rishabh may not eat it as he is not habitual for it but while Rishabh is about to eat that food, a constable informs him that a lady has come with Tiffin for him so after checking of the food is done, it will be given to him. Rishabh wonders who might have come with the Tiffin. Preeta comes there with the Tiffin for him. She says that another person in the cell also can have the food as it is ample. But the criminal refuses. Preeta feeds the food to Rishabh with love. He appreciates the taste of the food made by her. He asks her why she is caring so much for him. Preeta feels bad to see him in jail. She shares that Karan is also feeling very bad as his elder brother is in jail as he loves Rishabh a lot. She expresses what Karan feels for Rishabh. Rishabh holds her hand asking for a promise that she will take care of Karan. Preeta gets emotional but promises him for the same. Rishabh wonders about when he started trusting her so much. Preeta also decides to take care of Karan for Rishabh. Rishabh wipes her tears. Later Preeta leaves from there.

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