Top 10 Ray Ban Sunglasses Cozy Women Style

As an accessory ray ban sunglasses can help you look more cozy and stylish. With the aesthetics, choose sunglasses suitable shape face shape and skin color.

ray ban sunglasses

Do you know how to choose the right sunglasses?

The key to appear attractive with ray ban sunglasses is adjusting frame shape with your face. Frame aviator sunglasses model is a universal form and definitely suits worn by all face shapes.

However if you have a face with features pointy chin with wide cheek bones form the sunglasses that suit you is shaped cat eyes. Shape of these sunglasses can make your cheekbones look smaller with eyebrow shape firmly. Do not forget, adjust well with makeup.

Oval face shape has a shape symmetrical chin and forehead. Fortunately you have this face shape because it will look fit and attractive with any model of sunglasses. As an option, you can try an oval sunglasses, cat eye, or round.

Own a square face shape that has the characteristics of jaw shape similar to the shape of the forehead. Disguise firm contours of your face with sunglasses angled curve.

Conversely, if you have a round face shape, select a frame rectangular or square with sharp corners, to reinforce the shape of the face. While the face with a small forehead, wide cheeks and a small chin will fit when balanced with oval sunglasses with a large lens shape.

Adjust also ray ban sunglasses with your makeup!

The first thing to make up for the Sunglasses lies in eye makeup. Adjust the hue eyeshadow with frame sunglasses you wear. Use neutral colors to form a thick frame. You can also play with a lot of color eyeshadow when using simple frame shape.

Using make up for the sunglasses is also associated with a frame of your sunglasses. For those of you who have a minus vision, eyeglass lenses that are used would give the effect of eyes look smaller. Use dark eyeshadow to affect the eyes look bigger.

If you have long lashes, try using mascara is able to curl the eyelashes to give the distance between ray ban sunglasses women with your lashes. If you do not have a problem with eyelashes, mascara is able to give the effect of thicker lashes without extending eyelashes is the right choice to reinforce the shape of your eyes.

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