Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka to go off air in February?

One of the most controversial shows of recent times, Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka will apparently air its last episode in the first week of March. The show went off air in November after it failed to bring in TRPs at its slot of 11 pm. However, it continued on Voot where the viewership of the show kept on growing. Seeing that, it was brought once again on TV in the early evening time slot of six pm. Now, buzz is it will be wrapped up in February and the last episode will be aired in the first week of March. The biggest setback to the show was the exit of Drashti Dhami. The TV diva refused to play mom onscreen and left the show. Fans adored the chemistry between Shakti Arora – Drashti Dhami on the show and her exit left a void.

The actors of the show faced a lot of flak for being part of a project that deals with an extramarital affair. Drashti got the maximum flak for playing the part of a home-breaker as did Shakti. The actor told Pinkvilla, “I think even the channel has to understand this that they can’t expect TRPs within the first few months of the show because to set up a show, for the audience to get loyal to your show often takes time. Most of the channels I feel get really hyper that they are not getting TRPs so put some drama, do some camera tricks and all that jazz, and bring the TRPs somehow, we care a damn about the story and even if the story has to be put completely in the platter it is fine with us.”

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