Amazing 12 Simple Way Wearing Maxi Skirt to a Wedding

Simple Way Wearing Maxi Skirt to a Wedding – Maxi skirt can be waved or body hugging. With a model of timeless classics that never outdated, this skirt has a place in every woman’s wardrobe, even if only for the evening event.

And it does not matter how tall you are, you can wear this skirt well. Choosing the right material, combine with gorgeous tops and choosing shoes is a key complement to look beautiful with a maxi skirt.

DIY with a Maxi Skirt!

Try a skirt under good lighting before buying with running, spinning and see first if it feels comfortable skirt. If you stumble, it means that the skirt is too long. Then check how it looks in the mirror! Sleeker style will be the most beautiful, while the Bohemian style that overlap can seem to put on weight and not great for all body shapes.

Fabric texture will affect the suitability of the skirt with your body shape. Try the maxi skirt in a variety of materials to find material that you think hang properly in the body. Just like pleated skirt shorter is not suitable for all body shapes, pleated maxi skirt also might not suit your body shape. Do not despair, try a variety of styles other maxi skirt.

Maxi Skirt and Crop Top to a Wedding

Adjust tops with skirts models.
Model skirt tops that will determine the model you choose. If the style does not fit, the overall appearance would look unattractive. Looser skirt and inflate tend to look best when his boss fit in the body, because it reduces the huge effect that bubble skirt. To skirt that fits closely to the body, looser tops will become an ideal contrast.

Short tops waist look good with maxi skirts, because the skirt stays lengthen your body even though the boss stops right at the waist. Short tops with waist-high heels may extend a shorter figure; obviously, if you have a shorter silhouette, make sure the boss falls in your natural waist line.

Tops with a low neckline down to her shoulders looked nice with a maxi skirt but finally appearance in the mirror check before deciding. Sometimes adding a belt will improve the final appearance, in particular wide belts worn under the rib or loin. Bosses of this type tend to be better used by the body that is slim and tall.

There are no clear rules that must be followed in the event wearing a maxi skirt. You have to experiment in front of a mirror. Decide whether you want to put your friends into a skirt or let it override skirt.

Consider the color;
There are two color choices of monochrome and color match. Avoid using colors that collide, match your tops and accessories. Monochrome color can make the wearer look very slim and elegant, because the same color from top to bottom creating the impression of a longer body.

However, be careful to match the colors properly or your appearance can be seen not in the mood. Do not mix patterned maxi skirt best when combined with a superior plain color and vice versa. It is certain not to match the spots, stripes, flowers and diagonal.

Use The Right Shoes while wearing a maxi skirt.

High heels that give you extra height to cope with long skirts and extended silhouette. If you are taller, flat or high-heeled shoes would be nice with a maxi skirt, although the high heels are usually preferred for evening clothes. Most high heels will be nice with maxi skirt but always check in the mirror before deciding.

Sandal beads suitable for Bohemian skirt waving. Espadrille also looked very casual and seemed relaxed as on the beach. Thick-heeled shoes look good with a maxi skirt and gives you extra height to successfully wear a longer skirt. Avoid flat shoes are completely closed, or loafers. These shoes look stylish with maxi skirts. Pointy end and knee-high boots are not good. And wooden shoes and sneaker soles tend to look too big and unattractive.

Wearing Skirts Maksi as Dress!

Wear maxi skirt with a waistband. Waistband skirt should have an elasticity so that when you do a spontaneous movement, your maxi skirt does not sag. Accessories can change the overall appearance of the skirt. Choose hats, bags and jewelry carefully.

For example, a large bag can look good with a sleek maxi skirt, while you might figure in a billowing skirt looks bigger than it actually is. Alternatively, large long necklace can look good with short tops waist but may seem redundant with overlapping tops and bulging.

How to Wear Maxi Skirt to a Wedding
Try a skirt by wearing the shoes you plan to wear. If dragged across the floor, the skirt should be slightly lifted or you have to choose a maxi skirt that dragged on the floor and it will make a maxi skirt easily damaged, eventually cause a stumble.

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