Top 10 Tips for Keeping Cool on Your Wedding Day

Top 10 Tips for Keeping Cool on Your Wedding Day – If you’re getting married in the peak of summer, or in a hot and humid country, the heat can play an unwelcome part in your wedding. It’s important to keep cool and well hydrated in hot weather, especially when you add adrenaline, a lot of rushing about, alcohol and excitement into the mix!

Overheating and dehydration can make you faint, wobbly and even quite ill – and if you have spent a lot of time in direct sunshine, sunstroke can make you feel like a terrible hangover. Obviously you want to be at your best on your wedding day, and in have lots of energy for your honeymoon rather than feeling like you just want to stay in bed with a bottle of aftersun, so heed our top ten tips for keeping cool on your wedding day.

  1. Drink, drink, drink! And not champagne… Make sure you’re well hydrated – try to drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink you consume to keep your fluids up and prevent you feeling faint or wobbly. Combine dehydration with all the adrenaline and alcohol of a wedding day and you could be retiring to your wedding suite earlier than you had planned!
  2. Provide lots of shade in the form of marquees or gazebos, or you could even set up outdoor seating/dining areas under shady trees for a gorgeous outdoorsy feel.
  3. Avoid the heat of the day. Schedule your wedding for either the morning or the afternoon, avoiding the hottest part of the day (between 12 and 3) – or organise things so that the indoor parts of your wedding (ceremony etc) coincide with this time.
  4. Grab a hat. Wide brimmed summer hats are very in fashion this summer, and straw hats can look fantastic with a relaxed countryside-themed wedding outfit. Or how about a silk scarf bandana in the colour of your bouquet/bridesmaids’ dresses? And if you’re dressed in vintage, a gorgeous printed sun umbrella could finish your outfit with a stylish twist.
  5. Take off your shoes. On a hot day your feet are likely to swell – if you’re in teetering heels this could make for very painful, blistery feet! If it’s a lovely day then kick off your shoes and get back to nature in lovely, cool bare feet.
  6. Get indoors. If you feel yourself overheating, take a break and sit in a cool place indoors or in the shade as much as possible. Wedding days are hard work without worrying about being red and sweaty too!
  7. Choose a wedding dress that is not too constricting and made from lots of layers. Go for a floaty and thin material with movement that will give you a bit of breeze.
  8. If you’re planning an outdoor, summer wedding and can rely on the weather, why not choose a venue with a pool or somewhere where you can bring your own? There are some seriously massive inflatable swimming pools available to buy or hire these days and it could add a fun aspect to your wedding day – think of the photos!
  9. Slap on the suncream! Preferably before you put on your wedding dress! Choose a high factor and make sure you get all those areas that are hard to reach (this is what bridesmaids are for!) to avoid painful (and funny looking) sunburn on your honeymoon.
  10. Eat small meals and snacks often, rather than large meals spaced out – this keeps your blood sugar up and avoids that over-full slump. The larger the meal, the more heat your body produces in an effort to digest it!

Stay cool, stay safe and have a wonderful summer wedding!

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