Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2 January 2019 written update of full episode: Ishita sends sign for Raman

Today’s episode starts in the warehouse where Ishita has been kept. She wakes up and shouts for help. She tries hard to open her tied hands. She looks for sharp objects to open the hands tied. Raman calls the police to inform about Param’s ring and his doubt on Param behind Ishita’s kidnapping. The inspector tries to get information about Param from the jail authorities. Simmi apologizes to Raman. Ishita with her much efforts, opens her hands but soon gets unconscious. Police inspector informs Raman that Param has been released from the jail due to some health issues. Raman comes to know that Param is admitted in Survodaya hospital, Rohan calls Sudha to know if she kidnapped Ishita. Sudha denies doing that but Rohan doesn’t believe her words. Sudha gets to know that Bhallas have found Param’s ring and they have doubt on him. She gets alert when Rohan tells her that Raman is coming to the hospital with Police. Sudha tries to convince Rohan that she hasn’t done any crime. Karan sees the sadness on Rohan’s face for Ishita and he doesn’t understand the reason for it. Bhallas ask Raman to keep his calm. Raman reaches Survodaya hospital along with police. He accuses Sudha for covering up Param. Sudha shouts at Raman for blaming her falsely. Raman tells teh police that Sudha and Param have kidnapped Ishita. The inspector wants to meet Param for investigation. Sudha takes them along with her. The inspector sees the report on Param’s health. He tells Raman that Param is not well and he cannot kidnap Ishita in such condition. Raman still doesn’t trust Sudha. Raman questions about the ring which is not there in Param’s finger but Sudha plays safe as the nurse shows him similar ring and Raman is dumbstruck. Sudha asks Raman to stop and Raman is taken out. She thanks Rohan for guving her the right information at the right time. The police inspector comes to Bhalla house along with Raman and Bala. Simmi finds it weird as the same ring was in Param’s finger. She doesn’t think that Param might be having a brain tumor. Raman gets angry on her for caring for Param as he is tensed for Ishita. The inspector wants to start the investigation againi as Param is no more suspect for them. The goons come and find Ishita unconscious. The inspector thinks that two people are involved in Ishita’s kidnapping. Ruhi doubts if Ishita has been put in a big sack and kidnapped. Alia also thinks the same as during the party night, no one cared more about anything. One of the goon calls the doctor as Ishita’s hand starts bleeding a lot. On the other side, inspector again calls the security guard. He observes the entries of guests at the party night, They doubt a tempo number who came to pick up the waste at night which was weird. The inspector takes a step to find the tempo. Raman worries about Ishita. Mrs. Iyer finds weird behaviour in Mr. Iyer’e health as he cannot talk properly. Ishita pretends to be unconscious and tries to do something to inform Raman. She somehow manages to get a paper and write something on it with her blood. The doctor comes to check up Mr. Iyer. The doctor informs everyone that Mr. Iyer has got paralytic attack and needs to be hospitalized immediately in the intensive care. Mrs. Iyer breaks down. The doctor comes to check-up Ishita. The goons make her sit. The doctor wants an injection immediately so one of the goons goes to bring it. Ishita puts the paper in doctor’s bag.

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