Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4 January 2019 written update of full episode: Raman’s plan to look for Ishita

Today’s episode starts with Ishita burning all the stuff in the room in order to make smoke. She shouts for help to call the goons there. When the goons come there, she succeeds to run away from there. Inspector informs Raman that the tempo they were searching for is stolen from somewhere so they are on the right path of search. Raman asks him to keep him updated. Ishita comes on the road asking for help. A car comes there. Ishita asks them for help. The person asks her to get in the car. But later it is clear that they are the goons only. Raman gets a call from the doctor who treated Ishita informing him about the address where he met Ishita. The goons take her back. Ishita is shocked to know that they are the same goons who kidnapped her. She screams out but they make her unconscious. The doctor tells all that happened when he met Ishita to treat her. He says that she has been kidnapped but he wont be able to help Raman as he don’t know about the place as the goons took him there with a mask on his face. Raman asks the person for his address as he wants to meet him for more information. Doctor promises him to help him as much as he can. Raman also informs the inspector about the update.

On the other side, Sudha bursts with anger on Bhallas in the hospital as Rohan is donating his blood for Mr. Iyer. She blames Simmi for forcing Rohan for the same. Bala clears that Rohan has willingly agreed for donating his blood. By that time Rohan comes out after donating blood. Sudha asks Rohan about his health. Raman takes Bala aside informing him about the new update about Ishita. He asks Bala not to let anyone aware about it unless Raman permits him. Sudha notices them talking. She wonders about where Raman is going. The goons come back to the place where they had kept Ishita earlier but they notice that there is lot of bad smell and smoke. By that time Param calls them asking whether everything is fine. They inform him about whatever happened. Param gets angry on them. He tells them that Ishita must have tried to inform the doctor that she is in danger. He asks them to vacate the place as the doctor might come there along with the police.

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