Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 January 2018 written update of full episode: Naira reveals Suhasini’s truth

As Suhasini expresses her wish to have a baby boy as her great grandson, Naira asks her to stop it. Suhasini is shocked to see that it was Naira disguised as Santa. Suhasini explains that she is having that wish so that their ancestors will get freedom. But Naira is hurt. She leaves from there. Naira throws the dress of Santa in anger. Kartik notices that Santa is not around them. Naira recollects what kind of thoughts Suhasini has if Naira gives birth to a baby girl. She is tensed. Kartik comes to Suhasini asking for Santa. But before Suhasini tells him the fact, Kirti takes Kartik to another side as she has some work. While Naira comes out of the house, the person waiting with the ambulance asks Naira for the test informing that Suhasini has called him for the test. Naira gets scared. The person starts preparing the ambulance for the test asking Naira to wait as she will come to know about the gender of her baby within few minutes. But as Naira is very much angry with the thinking of Suhasini about having a baby boy instead of girl, Naira straightway takes the ambulance to the Police station. On the other side, kids are waiting for the Santa as he is missing from a long time. Kartik asks them to have patience. Suhasini is very tensed as Naira came to know about her thoughts of having a baby boy as great grandson. By that time the person who was booked as Santa from a company comes there revealing the fact that a thin girl gave him money and she disguised as Santa earlier. Kartik learns that it was Naira.

In the next scene, Naira complains to the police about the people with the ambulance doing the sex determination test of babies. She asks the police to penalize them the most. But the person in turn says that people demand for the test as they are keen to know about the gender, so they practice that test. But Naira also says that such practices should not be available so that people will not be able to do it. Naira says that the people who don’t want the girl child do such kind of crime so they should be penalized. The inspector asks the constable to lock those people in the lock-up. The inspector appreciates for helping the police to arrest people doing such crime. She also asks Naira about how such people reached to her with a mobile van. Naira recollects that it was Suhasini who took her to that sex determination hospital.

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