Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 January 2019 written update of full episode: Naira clarifies misunderstandings

Today’s episode starts in Goenka house where Suhasini is tensed for whatever happened. Manish comes there. Surekha tells them that Kartik and Naira have not come out of their room since long time and they didn’t even have meal so someone should call them. By that time their lawyer comes home. Manish wonders about his arrival. He asks the lawyer about it. The lawyer informs him that Kartik has called him as he asked him to prepare some documents. Surekha is tensed as she doubts if Kartik and Naira are planning to leave the house. Kartik comes downstairs. He takes the papers from the lawyer asking Manish and Suhasini to sign them. Upon asking, Kartik tells all that it is a mutual agreement for the safety of their baby. This leaves Manish and Suhasini shocked because as per the agreement, both of them cannot even touch the baby, they cannot feed the baby or anything. Kartik further informs that both of them can just see the baby only when Kartik or Naira are with the baby. Kartik also informs them that as per the agreement, once his baby grows a bit, they cannot talk to the baby alone so that their thoughts will not have adverse effect on the baby. He also threatens Manish and Suhasini by saying that if they try to break the agreement, he will leave the house along with Naira and his baby. Kartik asks them to sign the agreement if they don’t want him to leave the house as he is scared for Naira and his baby’s security because of Suhasini’s behaviour. Suhasini and Manish gets emnotional. Naira comes downstairs. She listens to their conversation. While Manish asks him about it, Kartik becomes rude. So Manish also gets angry. He signs the agreement and asks Suhasini to sign the papers. Suhasini signs the papers unwillingly. She cries a lot. Manish leaves from there in anger. Suhasini loses her balance so she cannot stand properly. Surekha consoles her. Naira feels very sad for whatever happened. She goes inside. Kirti also texts Naira assuring her that they all are with her and her baby will be safe. While Kirti tries to call Naksh, a worker asks her about the design of clothes but Kirti asks him to wait for her colleague Vaishali so that they can finalize. By that time she gets call from Vaishali informing her that she will be late so she will send Aditya for finalizing the designs. But as Kirti doesn’t want to meet Aditya, she asks Vaishali to check the designs as she will mail them and not to send anyone. Vaishali agrees to that.

In the next scene, Naira shares the issue of agreement made by Kartik for Suhasini and Manish to Kaveri over the call. She feels that whetever Kartik behaved is not correct. Kaveri advices Naira to make Kartik understand that the way he is using is not correct. Kaveri praises Naira as she still thinks about her in laws. She asks Naira to take proper decision as per her will as no one can interfere much in that. Later Naira reads a book named as ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’. Kartik brings food for her. Naira hugs him. She feels that they need to make everything fine in the house.

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