Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3 January 2019 written update of full episode: Naira’s strange feeling

Today’s episode starts with Naira clearing Suhasini’s thinking on having a grandson instead of granddaughter. Later Suhasini feels very guilty for her behaviour. She hugs Naira and apologizes to her. She explains that she has been raised with such thoughts so that got engraved in her mind. She shares her experience while she was pregnant and her grandmother in law expected her to give birth to baby boy only. She cries a lot. She again apologizes to Naira for hurting her. She also joins hands in front of Kartik for the apology. But later Naira changes her mood by asking Suhasini to make more laddoos and store them in safe place so that Kartik cannot eat them. This lightens the atmosphere. Kartik also hugs Manish thus all the misunderstanding between all of them gets cleared. Kartik also tears the agreement he made for his child. Surekha also becomes happy to see that everything is alright now.

In the next scene, Naira and Luv-Kush are watching an action movie. But Manish, Suhasini and Kartik come there. Kartik switches off the television. But Naira along with the kids insist on watching the same. Kartik and Naira have fight over the TV remote. Kartik asks Naira not to watch such movies having violence in it. Naira pulls his leg by saying that he gets scared when he watches horror movies. Suhasini and Manish control their laughter on that. Kartik says that the remote will be with him. Naira tries to take it from him. Suhasini shouts at them. She takes Kartik’s side and asks Naira to watch some good tV shows. Kartik also scolds Luv and Kush for supporting Naira in watching such action movie. Kartik asks Naira to watch any soothing music program. He plays a channel and asks her to watch the same. He pulls her leg by saying that if she watch action movies, the baby will become a goon and police will be behind him. Suhasini and Manish enjoy it. Naira controls her anger. Later three of them leave from there. Naira prefers sleeping on the sofa instead of watching the channel played by Kartik. While sleeping, she sees some bad dream. She wakes up immediately as she gets scared. She feels that Suhasini was right as she asked her not to watch the action movies.

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