Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 January 2019 written update of full episode: Naira faces unpleasant situation

Today’s episode starts with Kartik and Naira on the way to meet the doctor. Kartik discusses about her prenatal class enrollment. Naira agrees to that. Later both have fight upon the music to be played in the car. Kartik restricts her on everything that she does. Naira gets upset with him.. But later he makes her happy by giving her a tiffin full of chat item. Naira becomes very happy to see that. Later Kartik becomes romantic while they are waiting at the signal. As soon as they leave from the signal, a car passes by very fast and Kartik presses emergency break. Both of them get scared. Kartik asks Naira whether she is fine. Naira again recollects her dream of the accident.

On the other side, Suhasini calls Kaveri to shares her excitement for Naira and Kirti’s baby. Kartik drops Kirti and Naira to a place where Kirti has some work related to her stitching work. Kartik says that he will get the fuel tank of the car full by the time Kirti and Naira finish their work. Naira tries to stop him but he says that he will come back by that time. But when he tries to start the car, it doesn’t. Naira asks Kartik not to go but Kartik assures her to be back in time. Naira is still scared. Kirti and Naira go for Kirti’s work later on. Aditya is also present there talking over the call. On the other side, Devyani and Surekha are also happy to see Suhasini and Kaveri sharing their excitement about Kirti and Naira’s baby shower and delivery. While Kirti is instructing the people making colours about her clothes to be made, Naira is still tensed. She feels that there is someone behind them. But while she turns back as it is Aditya there but the people colouring clothes come in between so she cannot see Aditya. As Naira tries to move away from there, she finds only white curtains similar to those she saw in her dream with a dead body of a lady. She gets very scared. Naira keeps on moving ahead. Kirti comes there. She asks Naira to come with her as her work is done. While they come out from there, a car comes there with high speed without control comes there. Naira again recollects her dream and suddenly the car hits there. Blood gets showered everywhere on the white curtains. But after all that, it is cleared that it is just a Naira’s dream which she sees even after 4 monhts. She wakes up with fear. Kartik asks her about it. He says that the incident happened in the Rangrez Lane has been engraved in her mind but he also thanks God as Kirti and Naira were safe in that. He makes her understand that bad nightmares are just dreams and they get vanished once we open our eyes. Kartik asks her to get ready as it is her special day. Surekha sees that Suhasini and Manish are sitting on the dining table for breakfast with sad faces. She asks them to be happy as Singhania family have done many preparations for the baby shower. But Manish is still scared with the incident happened with Kirti and Naira in the Rangrej lane. Luv-Kush ask Surekha for the reason for which Kartik and Naira went to Singhania house one day prior. Surekha makes them understand that they need to make preparations so they went early. But Suhasini is stillin doubt as she feels that Kartik and Naira are hiding something from her. On the other side, Kartik drops Naira to her exam centre and asks her to finish the exam in time as Suhasini is not aware that Naira is giving exam even though it is her baby shower. He wishes her all the best for exam by feeding her curd with sugar, making her worship the statue of Lord Ganesha in the car and giving her chits mentioning that she will do her best in different ways on all the chits. He takes her into the exam centre. On the other side, Goenkas reach Singhania house. The peon announces that the exam may get delayed as the question papers are not available. Kartik and Naira gets tensed. Naira feels that she should skip the exams as she doesn’t want to hurt Suhasni who had already told her that her studies should not come in between any rituals. While Naira walks a bit, her stole gets stuck and her baby bump is seen by all the students there. They all laugh at her. Naira feels very sad and awkward with it.

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